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Leaked footage of the Buick Regal from the Chinese market could preview the next iteration of the related Opel Insignia, and in turn, the Australian Holden Commodore.

The Buick Regal is closely aligned with the ZB Commodore, so these leaked images should give a reliable indication of what to expect from the next Holden sedan, however, the brand has yet to confirm a link.

Two images have surfaced of the new Regal, which show a number of design updates over the model currently on sale in China and the United States.

New exhaust tips and a redesigned bumper are shown in a leaked image of the 2020 Buick Regal.

The changes are subtle, but can be identified by a revised grille, new signature LED headlight, and sportier front lip.

At the rear, changes include a redesigned bumper and taillights, as well as new chrome tailpipes.

So far this year, Holden has sold 4,639 copies of its Commodore, down 36.4% from the same period in 2018.

Nonetheless, the Holden Commodore remains the best-selling large passenger vehicle in Australia with a significant margin, with the Kia Stinger and Mercedes-Benz E-Class taking second and third place respectively.

The current Holden Commodore lineup is priced at $ 33,690 plus highway costs for the base LT, while the VXR performance sedan tops the list at $ 55,990.

Gasoline and diesel powertrains are offered, along with wagon body styling and all-wheel drive for some variants.

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