5 Reasons You Should Never Buy An Italian Sports Car (5 Reasons We Always Would)

For many of us owning an Italian sports car is a dream, although some may seem accessible on the used market, we all know there is an equation associated with the state of the Italian. sports cars.

As a general rule, the more their price reaches a value deemed “too good to be true” compared to the amount of post-purchase pain you will endure. The same equation can indeed be applied to most cars, but is more accurate when applied to almost anything made in Italy.

New cars are a viable alternative for those who can afford them, but even they aren’t flawless and no matter how extensive your warranty is, it doesn’t make up for the time you’ll spend without your car.

ten Never buy: reliability

One thing the Italians haven’t figured out yet is how to make a car reliable. This is partly down to their drive to innovate, but partly down to poor quality control.

From wiring to mechanical faults, Italian cars have just about every problem known to man. They have a bad habit of combining faults making them nearly impossible to diagnose, meaning even new cars can get stuck at a dealership for months at a stretch.

9 Always Would: Performance

Just getting behind the wheel can be an emotional experience, hearing your engine revving puts a smile on everyone’s face, partly because of the soundtrack, but also because it’s an unexpected treat most of the time.

When operational, nothing on the road comes close to how they are able to engage the driver, with each car having something a little different that adds to the driving experience.

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8 Never Buy: Running Costs

Not all Italian cars cost a fortune to maintain, but sports cars are certainly another animal. If it must be over 20 years old, expect poor fuel economy as well.

Not only are the maintenance intervals for these cars short, but their work is often more difficult than for any other vehicle. The thought process around the engineering of these cars is almost always focused on maximizing space under the hood, which means everything is hard to reach.

7 Always would be: Handling

Once you pick up the car from the store or your garage, you will almost immediately fall in love with it.

Driving anywhere is an opportunity, sporty handling is a given, but their trick is to strike the perfect balance between precise handling and comfort, which other manufacturers seem to elude.

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6 Never Buy: Finishing

Panel shortcomings are only part of the deal on Italian cars, not only on the outside but also on the inside. Plastics generally feel cheap and utilitarian too, and yes, over time they will fall apart.

Some luxury models will avoid this, but they are the exception to the rule, even a brand like Maserati suffers. These gaps also tend to let water in in weird places, so naturally they corrode…

5 Always would: Design

As bad as some of the interiors may be, their cars are still works of art, with incredible attention to detail on the design front that is unmatched in the automotive industry.

The freedom they give their designers can be credited for this, unfortunately this form over function will always result in engineering sacrifices here and there.

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4 Never buy: impractical

Even practical Italian cars aren’t very practical at the best of times, owning a car that doesn’t start every morning can be a hassle. Owning a sports car that you only really want to drive once a week and still isn’t up to the task can be infuriating.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you’ll feel like you’re in a casino betting on red or black. Only, repairing the car actually costs more than going to the casino.

3 Always would be: fun

Even though the odds of the thing starting really can get as bad as 50/50, if it backfires, you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face until you get back to your destination.

They’re all driver cars at their core, with so much energy put into driver engagement that you can’t help but feel part of the machine.

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2 Never Buy: Awful Oddities

Sometimes you want to feel like you’re part of the car, other times you just want to be comfortable. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Ride and handling are still borderline perfect, but something beyond Italian automakers is finding the right seating position.

The seats aren’t always flush with the steering wheel, making you feel like you have to sit sideways in the car, and if that’s not enough, the pedals are designed for people wearing size 6 shoes. If your feet are bigger than that, you’ll end up unintentionally hitting the wrong pedal repeatedly.

1 Always Would: Unique Quirks

Some quirks are infuriating, but almost all of them are indeed forgivable. And all of them make the cars completely unique.

It might sound weird to those who have no desire to own an Italian car, but the flaws are what make them so special, they’re usually completely unique to each car, giving the machine a certain human feel.

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