BMW sedan with ‘COVID 19’ license plate abandoned at Adelaide Airport in Australia leaves people in awe

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us. Every year you watch, every second post you scroll, and every next news item, it all ends somewhere with updates on the novel coronavirus and its rapid spread. But Adelaide Airport in South Australia’s capital was left bemused after spotting an abandoned BMW car there. The reason this begs so many questions is because of the car’s license plate which reads “COVID 19” and airport authorities reported that the car had been parked there since February, or even earlier, before the pandemic does not hit the world. The car’s registration number is raising speculation as to who it belongs to and why it has not yet been collected. 2020 BMW X6 SUV-Coupe launched in India at Rs 95 Lakh; Price, features, specifications and other details.

The gray BMW sedan was spotted by airport staff, who said it had been parked there for months now. The photo of the car was provided to ABC, who then broke the news. Airport staff, identified in the report as Steven Spry, said the vehicle was left before Australia’s lockdown began. Spry said that as far back as his colleagues can remember, the car had been around since “February or even earlier,” and had definitely been there since mid-March. During this time, most of the airport workers took four weeks of forced leave. He added that the car was covered with a cover, which was blown away, in April, displaying the license plate which sparked more speculation.

“We seem to think it could be a long-haul pilot who has gone overseas and cannot come back,” Spry said in ABC report. “It’s a top-of-the-range vehicle, so it would have to be someone with a good price tag to get a vehicle like this, but you’d think a family member would have gone and picked it up,” he said. he added. The owner of this car is not yet known. The report, citing the state government’s EzyReg website, noted that the BMW in question is registered until September 26, 2020 and that there are no interstate cars with the “COVID” registration. 19 ”.

The disease caused by the new coronavirus was officially declared for the first time as “COVID 19” in February, and a month later it was declared a pandemic. According to Spry and his colleagues, the car was spotted there, before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

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