Customs survey luxury car showrooms in QC, Pampanga

The Customs Office is investigating car showrooms in Quezon City and Pampanga, in line with the government’s campaign to prosecute suspected vehicle smugglers, especially luxury cars.
LUXURY CARS. Customs Office official Alvin Enciso inspects two luxury cars in the QC showroom as part of the government’s campaign to prosecute suspected vehicle smugglers, especially luxury cars. Customs office

On Thursday, members of the Manila International Container Port – Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (MICP-CIIS) inspected showrooms in Xavierville, Quezon City and San Simon, Pampanga, suspected of storing luxury cars and other vehicles motor smuggling estimated to be worth 500 million pesos. The inspection was carried out by MICP-CIIS led by its chief Alvin Enciso in close coordination with the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine Coast Guard following an intelligence report that smuggled luxury cars were stored in the region. The composite team went to the showrooms armed with the Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed and issued by Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero. The inspections resulted in the discovery of luxury cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, and motorcycles or large motorcycles such as Ducati. Several bulletproof sport utility vehicles, custom sports cars, trucks, boats, among others, were also found. Enciso said all motor vehicles were without proper import documents. Authorities have given establishment owners 15 days to present proof of import documents, or the goods will be subject to seizure and confiscation under section 224 regarding section 1113 of the Law on modernization of customs and customs tariff (CMTA). In mid-June, the same team seized 16 million pesos of smuggled luxury vehicles, including a white 2021 Land Cruiser; a red 2016 Nissan GTR and a black 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coupe. Enciso said the series of operations is in line with the office’s campaign dubbed “Coplan Tsekot” to prevent the illegal importation of vehicles into the country. “We will continue to monitor these shipments as there has been a series of contraband vehicles trying to enter the country. This was evident only last month, ”he said. Enciso was referring to the two previous alert shipments that resulted in the seizure of luxury vehicles worth 30 million pesos on May 26 and June 2. These were shipped to JLFDM Consumer Goods Trading. “It turned out that these expeditions were positive for the presence of these luxury cars,” he said. Commissioner Guerrero praised the work of CIIS and MICP after foiling three car smuggling attempts in just three weeks. “We have put everything in place to catch these smugglers. We will not be happy with what we have achieved and will not stop putting more effort into our campaign until the message is clear to them, ”he said. Guerrero formed the Coplan Tsekot late last year and called on the MICP-CIIS team to tackle the unscrupulous traders behind the smuggling of vehicles, especially luxury cars. The campaign began following the seizure of a McLaren 620R supercar worth 33 million pesos in Manila South Harbor in August. The cargo arrived at the Port of Manila on July 16, 2020. It has been declared as a brand new Porsche Cayman sports car in an attempt to avoid payment of the appropriate duties and taxes.

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