Drug lord Peter ‘Skeets’ Neill launches third luxury car of the year

Drug lord Peter ‘Skeets’ Neill has shown his money again after upgrading his luxury car for the third time in a year.

he notorious drug dealer – who is unemployed – has not returned for a long time from a dream vacation in Dubai where, as we reported two months ago, he spent money driving cars. high-end sports cars, including a Ferrari.

Now, we can reveal that it’s not just on vacation that the crime lord enjoys sitting behind the wheel of an expensive car.

And we can reveal that neighbors in Coleraine’s Heights neighborhood believe he’s going through a midlife crisis after being seen flying at high speed around the estate with a woman half his age in the passenger seat.

In April 2020, we revealed how the 52-year-old, once described as a ‘mafia donation’ in court, used his high-end Land Rover to deliver alcohol to friends unable to leave the house during the first Covid lockdown – although he told us he actually delivers food packages for charity.

Last January, Skeets traded in the Land Rover for a sporty Audi A7 in a garish green color, but got bored after a few months and already traded it in for a newer white A7.

Here is his latest car, worth around £ 30,000, abandoned near his home that passes the white lines.

“Skeets is famous for just ditching his car wherever he wants,” said a source in the Heights area.

“It’s ironic that he can’t park properly on the white lines since it is different types of white lines that have paid for his luxury life.

“Skeets often goes to the local forecourt and leaves his driver’s door wide open, so he takes up two parking spaces before entering the store.

“He’s so arrogant, it turns up the hard working people who live here. He circles the grounds, turns his engine.

“He’s acting like a teenager or someone going through a midlife crisis.”

Skeets was jailed for 20 months in 2013 for his role in smuggling drugs worth £ 50,000 from China, and was seen holding Republican flags in the Coleraine Heights Fair before the government orders a lockdown.

He had also been charged with a seizure of £ 600,000 of cocaine and a gun dropped against him.

Neill, from Hazelbank Road in the city, has over 180 convictions and we revealed in 2012 how his bail conditions were changed so he could have a luxury vacation in Egypt.

He even brazenly posted vacation photos from his trip online.

In October, we revealed how he puts his wealth on people’s faces after posting photos of himself on social media in Dubai.

He spent money renting premium sports cars for himself and his entourage and was pictured (inset bottom left) wearing a Celtic top standing in front of a bright red Ferrari with the line of Dubai skyline as a backdrop.

With his arms raised in the air celebrating a night in the fast lane, he recorded it on his phone and sent it to friends back home.

The photo and phone footage of Skeets and his colleagues speeding through Dubai was taken over the past fortnight and he paid € 600 for a single car and a day behind the wheel.

He also posted a video of red and yellow Ferraris he rented labeled “whip for tonight ha ha” before adding “just cruising ha ha ha”.

He also sent in pictures of his lavish dinners and messing around at a hotel bar with pieces of bread.

“He just got back from Dubai and it’s been pasted on the papers but he doesn’t seem to care, he seems to enjoy the notoriety and so he’s going to get a new Audi,” said an angry local resident.

“He seems to be untouchable.

Eleven years ago, Neill saw his community worker friend Kevin McDaid beaten to death by a loyalist gang who had clashed with Republicans in the Heights Estate.

Mr McDaid, 49, a father of four, was attacked a few yards from his home in May 2009 in what remains one of the most shocking murders of recent years.

Neill had been a major prosecution witness in that trial, but was not required to testify after a number of suspects pleaded guilty to less serious offenses.

In 2017, Skeets was charged with a series of offenses relating to an alleged £ 600,000 cocaine ring, but the charges were dropped a year later.

He had also faced 11 counts, including three of conspiracy to supply cocaine and three counts of being involved in supplying class A drugs.

During a bail hearing for this case, a police officer described Neill as a “senior member” of an organized crime gang.

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