Historic Louisville building transformed into an exclusive luxury car club

bernheim automobile club

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bernheim automobile club

A historic building in the Algonquin district now has a new vocation.

The Bernheim Car Club is a luxury car storage location and meeting place on Bernheim Lane.

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It includes three historic buildings constructed in 1933. The buildings were used for IW Harper Bourbon storage by Issac Wolfe Bernheim, also known as the creator of the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest.

Since June, local real estate developers and a mother-daughter team have been transforming the space.

President Adele Guarino-Peters and Vice President Alexandria Bolton are the founders of the Bernheim Car Club.

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New luxury car club opens in Louisville

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This exclusive, members-only venue is for car enthusiasts to get together, socialize and host events with others like them.

The main building will start by storing 24 cars on the ground floor.

There is also an office area, kitchenette, bar and lounge area.

Membership packages start at $ 49.

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