Maserati is the first Italian luxury car brand to produce fully electric models:

2021 results and electrification plan

Maserati, ready for the future

Modena, Italy – March 17, 2022Maserati is the first Italian luxury car brand to produce fully electric models: the Trident announces its plans to market the Maserati Folgore electric range and comments on the 2021 sales figures.

Maserati is innovative by nature and looks to the future.
As announced at the “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” event in September 2020, Maserati has completed the Brand revamp and is now ready for the market launch of Folgore, the new 100% electric range.

In 2021, the sole luxury brand of the Stellantis Group recorded an increase in its global market share to 2.4%, in particular to 2.9% and 2.7% in North America and China, respectively.

Last year, Maserati recorded robust sales growth, at 41% year-on-year, with a total of 24,269 vehicles delivered to customers worldwide. The Adjusted Operating Income (ROA)* margin was 5.1% and NBI* was €2,021 million.

Building on the exceptional results it has achieved, Maserati is paving the way that will make it the first luxury brand to launch a 100% electric sports car. Maserati will set the benchmark in every market segment and will be the first luxury brand to complete its electric range by 2025.

Folgore’s all-electric strategy has been developed with customer requirements in mind, which remain at the center of every product and are part of the brand’s DNA.

The new GranTurismo will be the first car in Maserati’s history to adopt 100% electric solutions. Manufactured at the Mirafiori production center, it will debut on the market in 2023. The new GranTurismo, a true icon of the brand, will offer cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E, superb performance, typical comfort and elegance. of the Trident. Next year, the wholenew Grecale SUV – which is scheduled to launch in the coming days – will also be available in an electric version.

All Maserati models will be available in a 100% electric version by 2025: the MC20 super sports car, the new Quattroporte sports sedan and the all-new Levante full-size SUV will complete the Maserati Fogoré offer, to attract the new luxury consumer in all market segments.

By 2030, the entire Maserati range will be fully electric.
The Maserati plan is part of the Stellantis “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan announced on March 1. All of the brand’s new models will be developed, designed and produced 100% in Italy, and will adopt electric powertrains, to bring great innovation and high performance, both typical of Maserati’s DNA.

*Presented on a pro forma basis and as if the FCA and PSA merger were completed on January 1, 2020. See Stellantis’ 2021 Form 20-F available in the Investors section of the Stellantis website at www.stellantis .com for additional information regarding pro forma results.

Maserati Spa
Maserati produces a full range of unique cars, instantly recognizable by their extraordinary personality. Thanks to their style, technology and inherently exclusive character, they delight the most discerning and discerning tastes and have always been a benchmark for the global automotive industry. A tradition of successful cars, each one redefining what makes an Italian sports car in terms of design, performance, comfort, elegance and safety, currently available in more than seventy markets worldwide. international scale. The ambassadors of this heritage are the flagship Quattroporte, the sports sedan Ghibli and the Levante, the first SUV made by Maserati, all models characterized by the use of the highest quality materials and excellent technical solutions. Ghibli and Levante are now also available in hybrid versions, the first electrified cars from the Trident Brand. A complete range, equipped with V6 and V8 petrol, and 4-cylinder hybrid engines, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The Trofeo collection, comprising Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante, equipped with the powerful 580 hp V8 engine, further embodies the performance DNA of the Trident brand. Top of the range is the MC20 super sports car, powered by the revolutionary Nettuno V6 engine, incorporating for the first time F1-derived technologies available in the power unit of a standard production car.