Mercedes-AMG’s new GT Track series is its most powerful sports car yet

Whether you’re on track at nearby circuits or beyond, Mercedes-AMG’s next limited-edition version could help you win a few trophies.

Dubbed the GT Track series, the new supercar is the brand’s most powerful sports car ever produced for customers. And, available at just 55 units, it’s designed to bring a handful of lucky riders a head-turning speed machine on the track.

True to this objective, the aerodynamic exterior of the new GT is designed for racing. The car’s bonnet, fenders, sills, rear door and rear apron are all made of carbon fibre, contributing directly to its light curb weight of 1,400kg. It also features a sporty grille for maximum airflow, standard 18-inch wheels and a proprietary front splitter that improves downforce on the rear axle. And it’s all wrapped in a two-tone charcoal and black exterior that pops with striking red accents.

A rear view of the GT Track Series racer.


For maximum safety on the track, the model’s body is made mostly of high-strength steel bolted to an aluminum frame, and there is an extraction hatch located on the roof. Inside, you’ll find a five-point safety harness, customizable ergonomic foam seats, and adjustable pedals inside. The racer even has an exclusive steering wheel made in collaboration with racing simulation experts at Cube controlsalongside a Hewland 6-speed HLS racing gearbox that transfers power to the rear axle. Like much of the bodywork, the dashboard is carbon fiber and includes a Bosch DDU 11 Driver Display Unit, a device that keeps track of race data, such as lap times.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series steering wheel

A look at the model’s proprietary steering wheel.


Although not street legal, the two-door coupe will ship in the second quarter of 2022, as part of AMG’s GT legacy. The brand GT Black Series The model, introduced in 2020, is among the brand’s most popular models and served as the basis for the GT Track series. The racer offers the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine as its sibling but with new upgrades. Custom motorsport injectors and a flat crankshaft help the car’s mill deliver 734 hp and 626 lb-ft of torque. The top speed of the Track series remains unknown at the time of writing, but we expect it to exceed the 202 mph mark of the black series.

The speed machine should be just as adept at slowing down when needed, thanks to its steel brakes. The setup includes a brake beam to adjust the balance, as well as carbon brake air ducts and stable brake air ducts for optimal cooling.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series grille

Close-up of the red-edged grille and chassis of the two-door coupe.


As you would expect from a Mercedes-AMG, every GT Track series will be handcrafted in Germany. And just so you don’t forget its exclusivity, an embossed plaque inside each example will read “1 in 55”. (The example limit is meant to honor 55 years of the brand.) The words “Track Series” are also embroidered on the driver’s seat and the limited-edition car cover.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series models will sell for $405,000 each. Visit the brand website for more information and check out more images below.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track series center console


Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series rear view


Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series