Mercedes-Benz AMG teases electric sports car concept ahead of May 19 debut

Mercedes-Benz AMG, long known for its tire-shredding V-8 and V-12 engines, is well on its way to an electric future, a glimpse of which will arrive as early as this week with the reveal of the Vision AMG concept.

Mercedes design chief Gordon Wagener posted a sketch of the concept on social media on Monday and confirmed the reveal for May 19.

The teaser points to a sports car with the same slippery shape as Mercedes’ Vision EQXX electric sedan concept, which last month covered 626 miles on a single charge during a demonstration carried out from Germany to the south of the France.

Mercedes Vision EQXX EV Concept

Although the Vision EQXX is not intended for production, there are rumors that an electric sports car like the next Vision AMG will be launched around 2025. This year will be pivotal because that is when Mercedes will definitely pass to electric platforms, starting with three highly flexible designs that will take the automaker through the completion of its transition to electric-only status, currently scheduled for 2030. The platforms will include the MB.EA for medium and large Mercedes models, the Van.EA for light commercial vehicles and AMG.EA for high-performance AMG models.

AMG has a lot of experience with electric power. Recall that he tested the waters for the first time in 2014 with the SLS AMG Electric Drive. It was the fastest and most powerful electric vehicle on the market at the time thanks to its 740 horsepower. Since then, AMG has accumulated more experience, particularly in the areas of energy discharge and recovery, through its Formula 1 programme. It has also recently acquired electric motor specialist Yasa, a company known for its axial flux motors which offer high power and low weight characteristics.

Some of that experience has already benefited AMG versions of the EQE sedan and EQS sedan, the company’s first volume electric vehicles. An AMG version of the upcoming EQE SUV is also in the works.