Metaverse is expected to boost luxury car sales

Axiscades Technologies, which is the field of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), says that high-end and luxury car manufacturers will be among the first to adopt these technologies called metaverse to offer both a virtual viewing experience and differentiation to their potential customers.

Talk with Professional coach, Arun Krishnamurthi, Managing Director and CEO of Axiscades Technologies, explained: “We have seen car sales move to online channels during Covid, and AR and VR are now bringing customers as close to reality as possible in the world. virtual environment. This is where deep tech and the metaverse come in.”

Metaverse is the new mantra in the tech world, with many in the automotive industry exploring its myriad possibilities in product development, engineering as well as vehicle sales. Metaverse is a technology that enables various social and financial interactions in a 3D virtual world through the use of AR tools and VR virtual reality.

Although widely used in the gaming industry, the technology has also been used in various other sectors like film, medicine, automotive and sports to name a few, to establish a deeper connection with humans and virtually transporting them to a completely different world. world.

As Krishnamurthi says, “It’s not really the price that makes the difference in the luxury segment, but the features of the car and how you can delight the customer, which is important.”

“Augmented reality plays an important role not only in determining how to visualize a product, but also in exploring product features, customization options and achieving a truly immersive experience. There are limitless possibilities for human interactions with a car in the metaverse, and a lot of intense engineering is going on right now,” Krishnamurthi added.

“I would say that it is difficult to set a timeline in terms of number of years for the full deployment of Metaverse and deep technology in the automotive sector in India, but, as a market, India is overtaking technology “, Krishnamurthi said.

“Adoption of Metaverse and deep technology by the automotive industry is certainly short-term, and would only accelerate with the advent of 5G and greater accessibility to high-speed broadband,” said said Krishnamurthi.

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