MG’s new concept is a city car for the future

Since the return of the MG brand in 2010, the manufacturer has forgotten its legacy in the form of the MG Midget, B and F, and instead focused on high value offerings. Auto Express’s review for the MG6, the brand’s first return car, sums it up that the car “offers great value for money and an engaging drive, but the powertrain and interior need more attention. job”.

This sentiment has dominated the talk surrounding the new MG brand is that it is of great value but still needs work. On higher trim levels, the MG6 doesn’t look so sparse on the inside, but the whole lineup doesn’t. The MG3, which currently sells for over $ 24,000, is one of the cheapest city cars in the segment, but the interior until recently looked harsh and dominated by cheap plastics.

The latest revision now comes with an optional $ 2,000 infotainment display that feels more upscale without sacrificing the high level of brand value. MG’s current design philosophies are spilling over into their concept cars and, more recently, into the MG Maze, the next generation of city cars.

The MG Maze concept lays the foundation for the next generation of city cars.

A concept inspired by the game

MG Maze Concept


In a press release from Gallagher’s of Manchester, an MG dealer, it was announced that the MAZE is “Built around the slogan ‘Get Out & Play'” which means it is designed to make the city more accessible and more fun. They went on to say that SAIC Design, which developed the concept, combined consumer interests for games and automobiles. This rings true throughout the car, but a logical place to start is the exterior design.

The MAZE is a compact two-seater, which forgoes the traditional design of a two-seater coupe in favor of a wheelbase that looks more like a hatchback. Cars of the future will not have internal combustion engines, so there is no need to have a large hood that makes parking more difficult than it should be. The MAZE has a single door for the cabin, which is a front opening hatch.

Concept images show an incredibly minimalist cabin with a tablet-style central control panel; Presumably, the concept, if it ever went into production, would benefit from autonomous driving modes as well. The rear of the MG MAZE looks more conventional. Despite its sci-fi-inspired aesthetic, the rear light unit has a hint of GR Yaris about it. The design of the double spoiler is aggressive and sporty; this is supplemented by the motors, which are mounted on the rear wheels.

The reveal video on SAIC’s YouTube channel teases some sort of modularity, with two panels labeled as CPU and GPU as well as the battery removed from the chassis. This is where SAIC’s gaming inspiration shines through as not only does MAZE appear to fit into the world of video games in a dystopian future, but it incorporates leveling possibilities that are accessible to users. PC players the same way that fossil fuel cars get modified.

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Surprising new technology

MG Maze Concept


By calling this concept the MAZE, MG and SAIC allude to the nature of this compact car. It’s something to navigate the urban labyrinth of busy streets. City driving has never been particularly fun, but with features that gamify the driving experience like driver leveling as shown in the YouTube video, the MAZE does just that besides having a sufficiently small structure and nimble to survive in the city and squeeze through traffic like a motorbike.

Auto Express reports that the MG MAZE has “smartphone-controlled steering” technology that has long been prophesied; after all, in 1997 Pierce Brosnan’s Bond was driving a BMW using a portable device. This kind of tech will more likely be implemented by Tesla or Mercedes first, but it’s refreshing for a budget-driven brand looking to the future instead of relying solely on their bean counters.

MG has recently started targeting young drivers both with their economy MG3 but also their newest MG HS, an SUV what What Car says competes with the popular Peugeot 5008, Mazda CX-5 and Citreon C5 Aircross SUVs, all of which have bold and eye-catching designs. The MAZE has a bolder design than all of these and the technology to convince drivers to move away from these vehicles if this proposed technology goes into production and the rest of the brand’s MG lineup.

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The MG labyrinth represents a new direction

Seat Layout Zero Gravity Concept MG Maze


It should be noted that most concept cars never make it into production. Some design ideas can be reassigned to another project or used as inspiration for a whole new concept. However, the MG MAZE at least suggests a new direction that city dwellers could take. The current crop of Up !, Picanto, MG3, i10 and Fiat 500 all try to balance passenger space, trunk capacity, driving dynamics and interior quality, all while being sold for a price. inferior.

The MAZE concept eliminates the boot space to favor the comfort of the occupants of the passenger compartment. If this direction were continued, it would lead to an influx of small cars specializing in different fields. City cars are pretty much the same; small, boxy and entry-level cars in their manufacturer’s lineup. MAZE suggests that this may be coming to an end.

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