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Hyundai topped sedan ranking for second year in a row

If you have a growing family or just love to go on an adventure and need a lot of free space to store your vacation essentials, then a sedan might be on your shopping list. Our latest survey found that Australian motorists spend on average $ 37,846 on new sedans, which is not a small piece of change. That’s why researching your options should be high on your priority list before you make a down payment.

To help you find the best deal, we again asked over 500 sedan owners for feedback on the latest models they’ve purchased from a dealership in the past three years. Respondents rated brands on driving experience, reliability, car maintenance, point-of-sale service, after-sales service, value for money and overall satisfaction they have of the car. Manufacturers who received the minimum sample size required for the 30-response survey are compared in this year’s report.

Our latest review saw Hyundai move up to number one for the second year in a row, ahead of seven other brands, ranking higher for overall satisfaction. It has also earned five-star ratings for car maintenance and after-sales service.

Best sedans

Best sedan reviews 2020

Here are the best sedans in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s latest review:

  1. Hyundai
  2. Kia
  3. Audi
  4. Mazda
  5. Toyota
  6. Holden
  7. Honda
  8. Bmw

Hyundai remains the king of sedans in the latest Canstar Blue ratings, being the only brand to receive a five-star rating for overall satisfaction. Most of the other brands crossed the finish line with a strong overall four star rating, with the exception of Holden, Honda and BMW who finished with three stars.

When it comes to reliability and value for money, Kia got behind the wheel and ranked best in these two crucial categories. Audi and Mazda were also awarded five stars for the driving experience. Mazda also received top marks for point-of-sale and after-sales service alongside Toyota.

Which car you walk out of the dealership with will ultimately depend on your individual circumstances and preferences, as well as how much you’re willing to spend. But keeping these notes in mind will give you a good place to start. To help you with the decision-making process, here’s what each brand has to offer in a sedan body type.

Comparison of sedans


Best 2020 Hyundai Sedan Reviews

The next few years are going to be very exciting for Hyundai fans, especially if you are considering buying a sedan. The current lineup is limited to the Elantra and the new i30, although we expected to see the i30 N Line and Sonata N Line released by the end of 2020. The automaker is also expected to unveil the Tucson N Line. in 2021.

  • Hyundai was rated best for car maintenance and overall satisfaction, and received another five-star rating for after-sales service. It has been awarded four stars everywhere else.


Best 2020 Kia Sedan Reviews

Kia has a few sedans in a variety of shapes and sizes, with models including the Cerato and the Stinger available in six different grades.

For the smaller Cerato, some features include an automatic defogger system, split-folding rear seats and a driver’s seat with integrated memory. For Kia’s sports sedan, the Stinger comes with 406 L of trunk space to accommodate large items (hello umbrellas). The same 60:40 split-folding rear seats found in the Cerato can also increase the Stinger’s total cargo capacity to 1,114 L.

  • Kia was ranked best for reliability and value for money, before receiving four stars for overall satisfaction and the majority of the remaining categories. It got three stars for car maintenance and after-sales service.


Best 2020 Audi Sedan Reviews

Audi maintains the same sleek and sporty design with its range of luxury sedans, with each vehicle offering different sizes and performance specifications to suit different drivers. Some models you can expect to see in the market include the brand’s flagship sedan, the A8 sedan, as well as the A4 sedan, S3 sedan, and RS 3 sedan. For a mid-size option, there’s the Audi S4 four-door sedan. But if you need maximum legroom, the large A6 sedan might be worth a look.

  • Audi was awarded five stars for its driving experience and four stars in most other categories. The two exceptions were value for money and service at the point of sale, where it was awarded three stars.


Best 2020 Mazda Sedan Reviews

Mazda entered the sedan market with a few models, including the Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda6. One of the standard features you can expect across the range is the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which sends a warning if a car is approaching from either side. Another common feature you’ll find in a Mazda is the Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist system, which alerts you if you stray from your lane when traveling over 65 km / h and corrects steering if you do not realign the vehicle yourself. .

  • Mazda has earned five-star ratings for the driving experience, point-of-sale service, and after-sales service. It has scored four stars everywhere else.


Best 2020 Toyota Sedan Reviews

A popular option for many Australian drivers, Japanese automaker Toyota offers a solid cohort of sedan models, such as the Corolla, Camry and Prius. If you’re looking for a durable vehicle, the brand also makes the Camry and Corolla in hybrid form. For people who prefer to stick with gasoline, but want something economical, the brand has named the Corolla as the go-to option.

A useful feature to watch out for includes the Road Sign Assistant, which uses a front-facing camera to identify speed signs and alert you when it’s time to change gears.

  • Toyota received five stars for its after-sales service and four stars in all other categories.


Best 2020 Holden Sedan Reviews

While the sedan class may not be what it was when the Holden badge was made in Australia, motorists can still choose from the classic Commodore, as well as the Astra, although any extension of the lineup may depend on Holden’s parent company.

The Commodore is one of Australia’s most iconic vehicles and has undergone some tweaks over the past two decades. Some vehicle variants, including the SS-V, contain features you would expect from new vehicles, such as reverse traffic alert, remote smart engine start, satellite navigation, heated front seats and a sunroof.

  • Holden was awarded four stars for its driving experience, reliability and value for money. But it ultimately ended up with three stars for overall satisfaction and everywhere else.


Best 2020 Honda Sedan Reviews

Honda’s Accord may have been the star child of the Japanese automaker’s sedan lineup, but the brand has since expanded its lineup to include the popular Civic for people who need a little space. extra for the legs.

Some common features of the Civic include push start, smart entry, and electric parking brake. Some grades also come with LaneWatch, which aims to remove blind spots by using a camera in the passenger side mirror to reveal a better view of side traffic conditions.

  • Honda scored four stars on the majority of the table, but got three stars for overall satisfaction.


Best 2020 BMW Sedan Reviews

BMW is one of the many German luxury car makers to dominate the market, and its sedan lineup could arguably be one of the reasons. These include the 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, M Series and PHEV Series models.

The BMW 3 Series comes with various driver assistance systems including Gesture Control which allows the driver to operate certain functions of the car with hand movements, a Parking Assistant Plus with a view of the surround system to help you parallel park every time, and more.

  • BMW rounded up the scores to four stars for its after-sales service and three stars everywhere else.

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Should I buy a sedan?

Choosing a car, regardless of the type of model, can be a difficult decision. Every car will feel different when you’re behind the wheel, and you’ll want something that’s responsive and safe, while still being comfortable for you and your passengers. That is why it is always recommended to do your own research. Remember, car dealers are also more than happy to take you for a test drive and help you through the buying process, including obtaining financing.

Before you sign on the dotted line, however, you’ll need to remember that getting out of the dealership isn’t the end of your expenses, with costs like stamp duty, insurance, registration, as well as charges. car tires and maintenance costs. likely to accumulate if you do not watch them. Buying a car is exciting, but it’s also a financial commitment that can get expensive if you’re not careful.

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