Skoda promises a new original electric city car

Skoda is expected to follow stablemates Volkswagen and Cupra in offering a compact urban electric vehicle atop the Volkswagen Group’s MEB Entry architecture. The new model will essentially replace the cutaway Citigo-e iV.

Asked when Skoda will introduce a sibling to the Volkswagen ID 2 and Cupra Urban Rebel, Skoda CEO Thomas Schäfer said: “Our colleagues from Seat, Cupra and Volkswagen are pushing a bit harder on this side. . Within the group, we balance that a bit.

“We are coming with an announcement on this shortly, but rest assured it will be differentiated from our sister brands and a beautiful concept that really fits Skoda.”

Volkswagen and Cupra unveiled radically different versions of the electric city car formula at the Munich motor show last year, with the ID Life taking the form of a chunky T-Cross-sized crossover and the Urban Rebel sits lower to the ground and draws obvious inspiration from hot sedans.

Both are expected to hit the market in 2025, but since Skoda has yet to show its take on the formula, the brand is expected to enter the segment sometime later.

Skoda has historically priced its models lower than its Volkswagen Group siblings, but it remains to be seen whether it will be able to undercut the ID 2’s £17,000 target price. will be similar in its technical composition, given the modularity of the MEB architecture.

The ID Life concept, which previews the ID 2, is 4091mm long and 1845mm wide, which should more than match Skoda’s smallest electric vehicle. However, it’s unclear whether Skoda will seek to position it as an entry-level SUV or roll it closer to the ground like a conventional city car.

Notably, Volkswagen has previously hinted that the ID 2 will be paired with a lower but similarly sized model called the ID 1, which paves the way for Seat, Cupra and Skoda to each launch a pair of entry-level electric vehicles. .