The Canoo Anyroad creates a unique hybrid between a city car, a sporty recreational vehicle and a modern pickup truck

Calling the Anyroad a traditional pickup wouldn’t be exactly accurate, given its proportions and designs, but it seems like the most sensible thing to call it. What is the Canoo Anyroad, however? Well, it contains elements of a city car, pickup truck, RV, and ATV. In short, it is the perfect vehicle for living in a city apartment, a suburban house or even in the great outdoors.

The real purpose of the Canoo Anyroad is in its name. Of course, you could just add the word Truck in the name and call it a day, but the Anyroad really blurs the lines between different car classes. It comes with an incredibly minimalist design (in Canoo’s signature style) and even boasts those iconic +-shaped headlights and taillights (there’s also a clever detail inside which I’ll talk about later). The automobile comes in two parts (as seen in the image below) which separate into a car in the front and a foldable tent in the rear. The car operates independently and comes with a much shorter bed than those found on traditional pickup trucks. However, plug in the pop up tent unit and the Canoo Anyroad is complete; ready to be driven anywhere for a weekend getaway.

The design of the Anyroad balances the need to be outdoors with the need for a normal car that can still be driven around town. For the latter, the tent unit can be unplugged, while the sufficiently modern aesthetic of the two-seater truck makes it quite natural on the city streets.

The half-tent can be set up either as a mobile shelter attached to the back of the car, or as a separate and detached entity, made stable by a folding stand. The tent itself is quite easy to set up, as it extends almost like a bellows to provide enough space for two people. There is a small ladder to help people get into the shelter, and a table top on the opposite side, to store your camping gear or serve as a table for your meals. Storage panels on either side of the tent provide additional space to store items such as your luggage, medical kits and other outdoor accessories.

The lighthouse remains the most impressive detail of the Canoo Anyroad. While it serves its original purpose – to be road lighting for the car (and its branding element), the Anyroad’s headlights also have a secondary purpose. They detach from the front of the car and become portable lights which can then be used as torches / flashlights, or even as street lights, thanks to a built-in tripod that allows the light to stand upright. Conceptually, it’s an incredibly interesting concept, and it shows just how determined the Anyroad is to be the perfect vehicle for outdoor travel and recreational camping.

The Anyroad is the brainchild of car designer Jerrick Chow. Its existence is summed up in two words “Tranquility Always”, as it aims to provide an oasis of tranquility or an escape from the chaos of hectic city life. Canoo’s current lineup includes a lifestyle vehicle, pickup truck and delivery van. All of them respond to city life or outdoor off-road life, but not both. The Anyroad concept aims to bridge this gap, while using Canoo’s advanced electric platform to power the vehicle.

Designer: Jerrick Chow

The Canoo Anyroad is a concept designed by fans and has nothing to do with the Canoo brand. Use of the Canoo name and its branding elements is purely for representational purposes.

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