The Jaguar XF is an executive saloon with sports car performance

For as long as I can remember, I’ve preferred the agility of sports cars to the luxurious adornments of executive sedans.

It may also be a matter of age, as I find myself leaning towards, should I say, more mature offerings on the market. But as I approached the Jaguar XF, purring a bit wisely in the parking lot (it’s a clever feature that lets you cool the interior cabins remotely via smartphone), I found its low position, but no aggressive, somewhat attractive.

Having owned cats for most of my life, I know well the performance capabilities of a feline – capable of going from zero to instant action as soon as it spots prey or a stray sock that looks like an enemy. mortal. What I’m trying to say is that for strangers it’s easy to be dismissive of the new Jaguar XF.

In fact, it wasn’t even the model I was supposed to review, but having no other models available, it was offered to me. What I discovered surprised me: inspired design, intuitive new technology, modern luxury and surprising performance, all in the new Jaguar XF.

Feline Agility

It’s rare to step into a brand new vehicle and feel completely comfortable with the way it handles or even brakes. Indeed, a period of muscle memory has developed with the vehicle you are currently driving, while the handling characteristics of the new model often differ so markedly from your existing car that it requires a period of acclimatization.

This was not the case with the new Jaguar XF. Gripping the matte leather-wrapped steering wheel, I immediately felt a comfortable familiarity with the vehicle, as the push of the on/off button instantly sets the seat to a pre-set driving position. A few mirror adjustments and light foot pressure later and we were off.

As far as luxury sedans go, the acceleration was probably the first surprise. I’m more used to a hard start, but the XF has Jaguar performance at the heart of its DNA. It’s not a “pushing you in the back of your seat” acceleration, but it’s noticeably “growling”, it doesn’t “roar” per se, it’s more like the silent acquiescence to obligation when you push your cat off the couch – it conforms to a seemingly effortless jump thanks to Mild-Hybrid Powertrains (MHEV).

Capable performance

Jaguar XF

Delivering exceptional dynamics and performance with improved efficiency and refinement, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine is available in two power outputs, 250hp and 300hp. The 250hp variant produces 365Nm of torque, delivering 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds for the XF RWD model; that said, the acceleration doesn’t give you the feeling of an uncontrolled “lift off”, so you never feel the need to hit the brakes, the acceleration is quick but smooth.

That said, even if road conditions make braking necessary, sensibly adjusted and calibrated brake calipers make it feel like you’re in full control of how and when you need to come to a complete stop. Around corners, Torque Vectoring by Braking provides controlled independent braking to maximize capability even in the tightest corners, reducing understeer and delivering sports car-like agility. The XF’s steering deftly transitioned between low-speed lightness and high-speed weight.

Again, it’s quite an unexpected performance from a rather stately yet masculine luxury sedan. What’s more, its handling characteristics and ease of use are an experience that can be transferred to the parking lot: 28cm longer and 4cm taller than the Jaguar XE, the new XF is not exactly a small car but it is nimble as a.

At first I was hesitant to navigate the narrow ramps and parking lots of my mother-in-law’s HDB multi-storey car park, but paranoia quickly gave way to confidence as I discovered that the sedan had an even tighter turning radius than your typical small car. Japanese sedan. I got into many parking spaces with ease, although it was cramped to open the doors after.

Versatile handling

All XF models feature the latest JaguarDrive Control with Comfort, Eco, Rain-Ice-Snow and Dynamic modes, which can be manually selected by the driver depending on road conditions. Settings, selected via a new rotary dial next to the all-new Drive Selector, adapt the XF’s steering, transmission, throttle and (where fitted) Adaptive Dynamics settings. Dynamic mode provides a more responsive driving experience, while

Eco adjusts vehicle settings to encourage a more efficient driving style. Even in dynamic mode, the new XF is nearly silent at highway speeds, and the combination of the XF’s expertly tuned electric power steering and the serene manner in which it navigates smoother MCE pavements and motorways Older, rougher PIE show the genius and level of thought required to deliver such an exemplary driving experience.

Key to the new Jaguar XF’s dynamic capabilities is its advanced suspension design, coupled with its inherently stiff aluminium-intensive architecture. Up front, a double-wishbone suspension layout, similar to the F-TYPE sports car, contributes to class-leading handling while the Integral Link rear suspension provides lateral stiffness without compromising ride comfort. Its spirit of performance is matched by the new front bumper, full LED headlights, new grille and new rear bumper which provide a more assertive presence.

High-tech features

Featuring Jaguar’s next-generation electronic vehicle architecture, EVA 2.0 supports a range of new technologies to ensure the vehicle is ready for the future.

Although the latest Pivi Pro infotainment technology accessible via the all new 11.4 inch curved glass HD touchscreen is impressive with almost all major features (navigation, media, Airplay etc) available to access or view from the home screen in two clicks or less, it’s the Jaguar InControl Remote app that’s most exciting.

Compatible with most Android and Apple iOS smartphones, the app truly allows you to control your Jaguar from anywhere in the world with a data connection. Whether it’s pre-setting the perfect cabin temperature with remote climate control (it activates the car’s climate control system before you reach the vehicle) or quickly finding your new XR in the gargantuan suntec city parking lots with the remote beep and flash it may be vehicle status Information that lets you see car data like fuel levels and door status and windows that would give you the utmost peace of mind.

New Jaguar XF is truly designed to be yours right out of the dealership parking lot.

(Images: Jaguar)