Thieves steal Range Rover from Sutton Coldfield driveway as luxury car theft epidemic rages

Car thieves have struck in a Birmingham suburb to steal a luxury car – the same brand that has been repeatedly targeted in the city in recent weeks. The criminals struck on Wall Drive in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield shortly after midnight on Saturday March 26.

They spotted the address while driving past the house in a white BMW, then parked at the end of the road. Then three thieves got into the driveway, broke into the Range Rover Sport HSE, a 2017 model, and drove off.

The thieves had no keys and did not break any windows to gain access to the sports utility vehicle, the base model of which sells for over £60,000. The car may have been spotted in the Leicester area on Saturday evening, still displaying the private registration plate: V2 LAO.

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Megan Oakley, the daughter of the couple whose car was stolen, told BirminghamLive: “My mom and dad’s car was stolen from the driveway on Wall Drive. At 12:30 p.m. on Saturday morning, a white BMW came down our road.

“He was seen going down the road before. He stopped at the end of the road and three people came up our driveway and got into our car and drove off with her at 12:40 a.m. We know that because we saw the car from our neighbor CCTV.

“But we didn’t notice the car leaving until 9am on Saturday morning. They stole it without the key and didn’t break any windows that we know of.”

The white Range Rover Sport HSE had the distinctive V2 LAO number plate

The 24-year-old added: “The plates may have been changed but the left front wheel, the alloy is completely worn out. May help people recognize the car! Please keep an eye on it.”

After posting the theft on social media, the primary school teacher said: ‘The car was spotted in Leicester at 11.15pm on Saturday evening with the number plates still the same and unchanged!

“I spoke to West Midlands Police about the CCTV and the white BMWm we had part of the registration number for, in the hope that they will do some checks. We just want to find our car and get it back.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: ‘We are investigating the theft of a Range Rover in Wall Drive, Sutton Coldfield, between 10pm on Friday (25 March) and 7am on Saturday (26 March ). Anyone with information can contact us via live chat at quoting the criminal investigation number 20/330135/22, or call 101.”

This is the last Range Rover stolen from Sutton in recent times, with the brand apparently a target of thieves, due to its apparently lax security and high value. A Range Rover Evoque was stolen from Darnick Road, Boldmere on March 7. This flight was captured on video and lasted less than 60 seconds.

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A £50,000 Range Rover Evoque was stolen near Elwyn Road on the night of March 3-4, and it happened a week after another Range Rover was stolen on the same street. In early February, ‘despicable’ thieves stole a £40,000 Range Rover Sport from a property in Manor Road, Streetly.

In January, the same Range Rover was stolen twice on Talbot Avenue in Little Aston. And that month, earlier this year, a mother was collecting her children from school, when a thief drove off in her Range Rover Vogue, a car that was parked in Tamworth Road.

While another Range Rover Evoque was stolen from Wylde Green Road in Sutton just before Christmas when a machete-wielding thug who threatened the owner as his accomplice rammed the car and drove off. The Range Rover theft epidemic has led experts to offer advice on how to better protect them.

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