Toyota Aygo 2022 to be both city and crossover

Toyota is working hard to prepare the next generation of the Aygo and it was recently selected to test a heavily camouflaged prototype.

Previous generations of the Aygo were built alongside the Peugeot 108 and Citroën C1 city cars but this will no longer be the case with this new generation model. Instead, it will share its platform with the Toyota Yaris and was previewed with the Aygo X Prologue just a few months ago.

This concept took the form of a small crossover with a bold and expressive design very different from that of the Aygo of the previous generation. These spy shots confirm that the production-ready model will feature some of the design elements of the concept, but in general, it will adopt a more conservative design.

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Seen from the front, there doesn’t seem to be many similarities between the Aygo X Prologue and this production model. In fact, this prototype has completely different headlights which are much more traditional than those of the show car. The wheels on this prototype are also smaller than the Concept and it doesn’t ride as high above the ground, so it looks more like a traditional city car than a crossover.

There are, however, a few similarities to the Aygo X Prologue which are visible from the rear. The shape of the rear window looks almost identical, as does the spoiler that extends from the roof. The design of the taillights, tailgate and bumper also mirrors that of the concept.

Our spy photographers have yet to take pictures of the car’s interior, but we can expect it to undergo such transformative changes as the exterior and to be able to share some parts with the car. Yaris.

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Photo credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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