Two city car parks will become tram complexes next month

Artist's impression of the tram at the intersection of the London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue

Artist’s impression of the light rail at the intersection of the London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue. Image: Government ACT.

Construction of the Stage 2A light rail is about to take its toll with two ACT government parking lots in the city shutting down next month for several years.

Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) said construction site complexes will be set up at parking lots at the corner of London Circuit and Constitution Avenue, and at 41-51 Marcus Clarke Street.

The construction complexes will be used for site offices, storage, construction parking and installation of utilities.

TCCS said the project team will provide updates on the timing and impacts of the closures, and any other changes.

Information sessions on the Woden Tram Project will be held in the city on Monday July 26, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Theo Notaras Multicultural Center, 180 London Circuit, and on Monday August 2, 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., at QT Canberra, 1 London Circuit.

The announcement of the parking lot closures comes after the ACT government on Thursday (July 22) announced its plans to deal with road closures and traffic disruptions that the construction of streetcars will require.

Map showing city of Canberra parking closures for light rail complexes and construction sites

Map showing City of Canberra parking closures for light rail complexes and construction sites. Image: Canberra transport and municipal services.

The government has said construction complexes will be set up in the city next month.

TCCS did not offer any parking alternatives, but ACT Transport and Municipal Services Minister Chris Steel said moving drivers to public transport would be part of the solution, including building more Park and Ride facilities.

TCCS has nearly completed a third Park and Ride facility in Gungahlin, and Mr. Steel said more are on their way to Canberra’s south side.

He said the disruption would last for four years in the city as the London circuit is raised to join Commonwealth Avenue and the tram line is extended from Alinga Street to Commonwealth Park.

Diversions, additional public transport services and staggered start times to spread out congestion peaks have already been reported as strategies to deal with expected traffic disruptions, and an interagency disruption working group has also been set up. in place to handle the situation.

Mr Steel previously said the project’s first runway would be laid ahead of the ACT 2024 elections.

TCCS said people can stay informed about parking, work notifications and light rail construction by visiting the Woden light rail project website.

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