Wait what? Audi A7 L revealed as LWB sedan

Trying to fill every niche imaginable is something that German automakers have quite an art in and Audi is no exception. But this Audi A7 L is one we would never have thought of or expected.

We say this because Audi already has the AT 8 and A6 sedans, both of which are available in standard and long-wheelbase versions, although in the latter case this is an offer only in China. But now Audi has somehow seen a gap for another long-wheelbase sedan, this time based on the A7 Sportback.

The A7L was created only for the Chinese market.

Like the A6 L, the Audi A7 L will be available in China only, built in Shanghai in partnership with SAIC. Audi says it combines “the sporty DNA of the A7 Sportback with the prestigious elegance of a large limousine”. Did Audi manage to hit the mark with this one? Be the judge of it.

Measuring 5,076mm, the Audi A7 L is just over 100mm longer than the Sportback it is based on, but it’s still around 100mm shorter than the standard wheelbase A8 sedan.

The A7 L is powered by the 250 kW version of Audi’s 3.0-liter turbo petrol V6 and features quattro all-wheel drive as well as rear-wheel steering and adaptive air suspension.

Audi A7 L side
The new four-door is 107mm longer than its liftback sister.

We have already tested this engine in the traditional Sportback appearance. In our report, we noted that the A7 Sportback was once considered a niche, as were the new CLS and the untested BMW 8 Series Gran Coup̩. Yet in modern times, this segment Рprobably smaller than ever Рremains the preserve of a much more sophisticated high-end buyer, oblivious to the notoriety of large SUVs often compromised for the cause.

With the unveiling of this A7 plus sedan, it’s pretty clear that the Chinese market trends differ a bit from the rest of the world. One thing’s for sure, we’d be curious to see what an RS7 L could look like.

Audi A7 L Rear Custode
The A7L is a sedan version of the A7 Sportback.

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